Welcome to the Why Flash For Greed Glossary of League of Legends terms. These terms are often used in and outside the game in order to simplify and speed up communication.


50/50 – Doing a jungle objective with your jungler while the enemy jungler is alive, essentially leaving it down to 50% chance as to who secures the objective with smite.


Ace – Killing everyone on the enemy team within the respawn timers, so there is nobody left alive.

Active – An extra ability added to some items that requires an additional button to be pressed.

AD – Attack Damage

AD Carry – Attack Damage Carry, a role in League of Legends. The AD Carry is a ranged champion that spends the laning phase in the bot lane with a support. Also called Marksman.

AFK – Away From Keyboard

Aggro – Being targeted by anything that isn’t a player, means you have aggro. Being targeted by a tower is called tower aggro, being targeted by a minion is called minion aggro, etc.

Ali – Alistar

AP – Ability Power

ARAM – All Random All Mid, a gamemode in League of Legends consisting of a singular lane with 5 champions on either side pushing towards the opposing nexus.

Armour – A defensive stat that blocks a percentage of AD damage.

AoE – Area of Effect. An ability that will hit several targets within a certain area is considered an AoE ability.

AS – Attack Speed

Assassin – A champion that excels at bursting down enemies.

Assist – An accolade received for helping kill a target when the killing blow was landed by someone else.


B – Back; If someone says they are “going b” it means they are recalling back to base.

Back – See B.

Backdoor – Getting an objective behind the enemy team.

Bait – Luring people into an ambush by looking misleadingly weak. Baiting is a good strategy to catch enemies by making them think they can kill you, when you actually have the advantage. You can bait your own team too, by initiating a fight you can’t win and having your team follow you up and dying too, try to avoid this as much as possible.

Ban – Disallowing certain champions to be played in champion select. Also a term used to describe being disallowed access from your account by Riot Games, typically for breaking the rules.

Baron – The largest neutral jungle enemy on the map, that spawns at around 20 minutes into the game, and provides the team that killed it with a lot of very strong buffs.

Base – A platform with five turrets, three inhibs, and a nexus surrounded by a wall. Alternatively used as another word for recall, see B.

BC – Black cleaver, because.

BF – B.F. Sword, an item that builds into stronger items.

BG – Bad Game, the opposite of GG; Good Game.

Blind – A soft crowd control effect that prevents the affected Champion from doing damage with their basic attacks for the duration.

Blind Pick – A method of Champion select where you can’t see what the enemy team is picking.

Blitz – Blitzcrank

Blue – Blue Buff, obtained from the Blue Sentinel jungle camp.

Blue Build – Six items that have blue looking art, a Meta build on Ezreal.

BM – Bad manners.

BORK – Blade of the Ruined King

Bot – The lane located on the right side of the minimap, taking up part of the bottom of the map. This lane is called the botlane, which is sometimes abbreviated to bot. It is also a name for an AI controlled opponent, short for robot.

Bounty – An amount of gold given for killing a Champion that is on a killing spree.

BRB – Be right back.

Bruiser – A Champion that is both tanky and does consistent damage.

Brush – Environmental patches of grass on the map that conceal the units inside it. See bush.

BT – Bloodthirster

Buff – A game balancing term, buffing means making something stronger. Also a name for the effects gained from neutral monsters in the jungle, such as the Red Brambleback (red buff), Blue Sentinels (blue buff), Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron.

Build – A set of up to 6 items that can be bought with gold throughout the game.

Burst – A substantial amount of damage in a very short period of time.

Bush – Environmental patches of grass on the map that conceal the units inside it. See brush.


Cait – Caitlyn.

Camouflage – Stealth that is activated preemptively in order to ambush an enemy or bypass vision. Revealed by nearby champions, control wards, and turrets.

Camp – Camps are the small enclosures that hold jungle minions, camping is also a term used when people consistently gank the same lane.

Cap – Capture.

Care – Short for be careful.

Carry – Making a large impact to win the game.

Caster – A short name for the ranged minions, also used to describe champions that use their abilities a lot compared to their auto attacks. For example, Lucian is an AD caster.

Cass – Cassiopeia

CC – Crowd Control. There are two categories of CC, Soft CC, which includes types of CC such as Blind, Disarm, Ground, Root, Nearsight, Silence, and Slow, and Hard CC, which includes Airborne, Taunt, Fear, Charm, Stasis, Stun, and Suppression. For more, see Soft CC and Hard CC.

CD – Cooldown

CDR – Cooldown reduction.

Champ – Champion

Channel – An ability that will be cast continuously and can be interrupted.

Chase – Running after something.

Cheese – Using a cheap unconventional strategy.

Cho – Cho’Gath

Clownfiesta – A relatively new term popularised by streamers, describing a game where people are doing things that aren’t logical and don’t make sense, and or not playing the game properly.

Clutch – Well timed, or performed well under pressure.

Commit – Showing commitment to destroying an objective usually by running in as opposed to staying at a distance.

Cover – Defending a lane for a laner who has left that lane.

Counterengage – Engaging the enemy team, after they engage on you.

Counterjungle – Taking jungle camps on the enemy side of the map.

Creeps – Minions that walk into lanes in waves, and give gold and XP when killed.

Creepblock – Getting stuck on the minions.

Crit – Critical strike, and or critical strike chance.

CS/Creepscore – Your CS is the amount of minions you have killed, as shown on the scorescreen.


DB – Debuff

DC – Disconnect.

Debuff – An effect that weakens.

Def – Defend.

Deny – Preventing someone from getting something. For instance, denying your lane opponent CS by zoning them.

Disengage – Retreating after a fight was engaged.

Dive – Fight the enemy under their turret.

Dodge – Quit the game during Champion select causing everyone else to have to find a new game. Alternatively see Juke.

DoT – Damage over Time, something that applies damage over several seconds instead of all at once.

DPS – Damage per second.

Draft Pick – A method of Champion select where both teams ban and pick champions one by one, and everyone can see what is going on.

Drag – Dragon.

Drake – Dragon.

Duo – Two people together, for example, bot is a duo lane, since it has both a support and an ADC, or simply two friends playing together.


ELO – A rating representing ranked performance, equivalent to MMR.

End – End the game.

Engage – Starting a fight.

Eve – Evelynn

Execute – An execute is when something is guaranteed to kill something below a certain amount of health.

EXP – Experience, used for gaining levels.

EZ – Easy, sometimes said as a sign of disrespect at the end of a game. Also used to shorten the Champion Ezreal’s name.


Facecheck – Checking an area by walking into it blindly, for example, walking into a bush that isn’t warded.

Faceroll – Winning by a large margin, or pressing multiple buttons in rapid succession.

Farm – Farming is basically killing minions and jungle camps for gold and xp.

Fed – Being fed means being stronger and more powerful than most other people in the game, usually due to having lots of kills with few deaths.

Feed – Dying multiple times without getting kills, giving the enemy a lot of gold.

FB – First blood; the first kill in the game.

FF – Forfeit. Forfeiting a game means surrendering, giving the enemy team a win, and your team a loss. Usually people say this when they believe a game is lost.

FF15/FF20 – Forfeit the game at 15 or 20 minutes, which is the earliest time you can use the surrender vote option. Usually people say this when they believe a game is lost prior to 15 or 20 minutes.

Fid/Fiddle – Fiddlesticks

FM – Frozen Mallet

Focus – Focussing means concentrating attacks on a certain target. For example, when someone says “focus the adc”, they are suggesting your team should attack and kill the enemy ADC before anything else.

Fountain – The spawn point for both teams, located on opposite sides of the map.

FoW – Fog of War, the dark areas on the map where you can’t see enemy Champions and minions.

Freeze – Freezing means managing the enemy minion wave in a way that stops either your or their minions from advancing, so they stay stuck fighting in the same place.

FTW – For the win. Usually used to describe something that is good, as opposed to the literal meaning.


GA – Guardian Angel

Gank – Ambushing another player, usually from the flank.

GJ – Good job.

GG – Good Game. Players usually say GG as a sign of courtesy, however it is sometimes used sarcastically.

Glass Cannon – Someone who does a huge amount of damage, but does not have a lot of health.

GLHF – Good luck have fun, a sign of courtesy usually said at the start of a game.

Global – An ability that can be aimed anywhere on the map.

GP – Gangplank

GP5 – Gold per 5 seconds, the amount of gold you gain passively.

Grag – Gragas

Greed – Usually being greedy means overcommitting when the odds aren’t in your favour, for personal gain.

Group – Sticking together as a team


Harass – Dealing damage.

Hard CC – Crowd control that impairs movement, attacking, abilities, and spells, Includes types of CC such as Airborne, Taunt, Fear, Charm, Stasis, Sun, and Suppression.

Heca – Hecarim.

Heim/Heimer – Heimerdinger

HF – Have fun.

Hold – Similar to defend, holding a turret means staying there so the enemy can’t get it.

HP5 – Health per 5 seconds, the health regeneration Champions passively receive.

Hypercarry – A type of champion that outscales all other champions, meaning at the highest level they are either statistically better than most other champions, or they continue getting stronger and stronger when everyone else stops.

Hug – Hugging something like a turret means staying under it in order to be safe, similar to turtling.


IE – Infinity Edge

IGN – In-game Name, also called Summoner Name, sometimes used to abbreviate ignite.

Inc – incoming

Inhib – Inhibitor, each lane has an inhibitor protected by a turret. Killing the enemy inhibitor will spawn super minions in that lane for your team.

Invade – Going into enemy territory, especially early on, to interfere with the enemy jungler’s leash.

IP – Influence Points: Points earned while playing the game, that can be used to unlock champions, and sometimes other items.


J4 – Jarvan IV

Juke – Dodging enemies and their abilities.


Kass/Kassa – Kassadin

Kat/Kata – Katarina

Kha – Kha’Zix

Kiting – Attacking an enemy while staying out of their attack range. Usually a ranged champion can kite a melee champion by attacking them and moving away, and then attacking again when the melee champion follows them.

Kog – Kog’Maw

KS – Kill steal, or Kill secure. Landing the final hit on an enemy you did not deal the most damage to. This is an interesting one, since people tend to make a big deal out of it, especially the lower rank you are, however, it is actually statistically better to land the final hit on a champion than not landing a hit at all, since your team will get more gold this way.


L2P – Learn to play, often meant as an insult.

Lag – Internet issues.

Lane – One of the roads on the map, defender by towers.

Laning – Staying in one of the lanes, usually against an opponent. The first phase of the game consists of four champions laning, and one champion jungling, and because of that it is called the Laning Phase.

Laning Phase – The first phase of the game, where four champions hold three lanes, while the fifth champion jungles.

Last Hit – Getting the killing blow on minions to receive gold.

LB – LeBlanc

Lee – Lee Sin

Leech – Standing close enough to get xp from minions dying nearby as someone who isn’t the support

Leash – Helping the jungler kill their first camp, so they don’t lose as much health. It is usual for the lane closest to where the jungler is starting to give the leash. It is important to let the jungler have the last hit on the camp as they will need the gold and XP.

LP – League Points, used to measure league progress in ranked.

LW – Last Whisper


Malph – Malphite

Malz – Malzahar

Mao – Maokai

Mental – See tilt.

Meta – Most Efficient Tactic Available, the Meta defines what Champions are good in what roles, and what items are good on those Champions.

Metaslave – Someone who only plays Champions that are considered Meta.

MF – Miss Fortune

MIA – Missing In Action, usually said when an enemy leaves a lane, or hasn’t been seen for a long time.

Mid – The lane in the middle of the map, or the Champion in that lane.

Morde – Mordekaiser

MR – Magic Resist

MMR – A rating representing ranked performance. Stands for Match Making Rating.

MPen – Magic penetration. See Pen.

MS – Movement Speed

Mumu/Amu – Amumu


N1 – Nice one.

Naut – Nautilus

Nerf – A game balancing term, nerfing means making something weaker than before.

NJ – Nice job.

Noc – Nocturne

Noob/Newb – New player, usually meant as an insult.

NP – No problem.

Nuke – See burst.

NW – No worries.


OMW – On my way.

OOM – Out of mana.

OP – Overpowered. Something is overpowered if it is stronger than it should be from a balancing perspective.

Ori – Orianna

Overextending – Moving too far into enemy territory, leaving you vulnerable to ganks.


Panth – Pantheon

Passive – Something that is always active, and or activates automatically. For example, every Champion has a passive ability that is active from level 1 and continues to be throughout the game, and certain items have passive that will either be active from the moment you buy it, or activate when certain conditions are met.

Patch – A collection of game balancing changes, applied every two weeks to League of Legends, to keep the game varied, and balanced.

PBE – Public Beta Environment, where the League of Legends patches are tested by players before being released.

PD – Phantom Dancer.

Peel – Peeling means keeping the enemy off important team mates such as the ADC, since in a fight they are most likely to be targeted, meaning they will require the most peel.

Pen – Penetration, comes in the form of armour penetration and magic penetration. Penetration means that less of the damage will be blocked by resistances.

Pick – Getting a pick means picking off an enemy without losing an ally, giving you a numbers advantage.

Pink – A control ward, since these used to be called Pink wards.

Pls/Plz – Please

Poke – Damage done from a distance so it is hard to do damage in return.

Proc – Possibly an acronym for programmed occurrence, where doing something activates/triggers something else. For example, “using an ability will cause your next basic attack to proc the sheen passive” is the same as saying “using an ability will cause your next basic attack cause the sheen passive to go off”.

Proxy – Proxy or Proxy Farming is farming minions behind the enemy tower while it is still up, a strategy used by champions like singed.

PvE – Player vs Environment, such as jungling or killing minions.

PvP – Player vs Player, or competitive multiplayer

Pull – See leash.

Push – Applying pressure in an advancing manner, such as killing the enemy minion wave so that your minions can advance, or moving forward to get a turret.


QQ – Supposed to be a crying face.

QSS – Quicksilver Sash


Ragequit – Quitting the game because it made you angry.

Re – Returned, used when a Champion that was previously missing returned back to lane.

Red – Red buff, obtained from the Red Brambleback jungle camp.

Renek – Renekton

Rift –  Rift Herald, a neutral jungle minion that spawns in the baron pit.

Rito – Another way of saying Riot, as in Riot Games.

RoA – Rod of the Ages

Roam – Roaming is when a player leaves their lane in an attempt to make a play in another lane.

RNG – Random Number Generator. For example, if you have 80% critical strike chance, but you don’t land a critical strike, it is considered bad RNG.

Rotate – Rotating is when a group of people, or the full team moves around the map to get an objective.

RP – Riot Points; a virtual currency that can be bought with real money that is uses to purchase skins, cosmetic items, and other things.

RQ – See Ragequit.


Scale – Get stronger as the game goes on.

Scuttle – Scuttle crab, a neutral minion found in both sides of the jungle river.

Sej/Seju – Sejuani

Shop – See B.

Shyv – Shyvana

Silence – A soft crowd control effect that prevents the use of abilities.

Skillshot – An ability that has to be aimed.

Smite – A summoner spell used by junglers that does true damage based on level to neutral jungle camps.

Smurf – A secondary account.

Snowball – Snowballing means using a lead to get a larger lead, a bit like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill, gathering more and more snow.

Soft CC – Crowd control that impairs movement, attacking, abilities, or spells, but not multiple. Includes types of CC such as Blind, Disarm, Ground, Root, Nearsight, Silence, and Slow.

Solo – On your own, or used to describe top lane, as it is also called solo lane sometimes.

Spellvamp – An effect that causes damage done by abilities to heal the caster of said abilities.

Split/Spitpush – Splitting off to one of the sidelanes, usually to push that lane and apply pressure so the enemy team has to split up too, allowing the rest of your team to pressure an objective.

Squishy – Something that can be killed quickly. For example, champions that don’t build any defensive items, are considered “squishy”.

SR – Summoner’s Rift

SS – Stay safe, said when an enemy goes missing. Same as MIA.

Stacks – Certain Champions and items use a feature where they get points that add power for example from doing certain things. These points are called stacks, and getting them is called stacking.

Steal – Taking a neutral jungle enemy that the enemy team was attacking, usually through smiting it. Something like stealing a baron can cause a huge swing in gold allowing a team that was behind to win more often than not.

Stealth – Invisibility that can only be revealed by turrets or true sight, or see camouflage.

Steroid – Something that increases stats by a large amount, for example, an attack speed steroid on an ability.

Store – See shop.

Sums – Summoner spells. When someone asks “mid sums?” in chat, they are asking what summoner spells of the enemy midlaner are on cooldown. It is also said to signify that an enemy has used both their summoner spells.

Supp – Support.

Sustain – Long term generation and healing.


Tanky – Something that would take a long time to kill, for example, Champions that buy a lot of items are considered to be tanky.

Tenacity – Crowd control reduction

TF – Teamfight, where both teams group up and fight each other. Also an abbreviation for Twisted Fate.

Throw – A throw is when the team with a lead makes a mistake that causes the enemy team to gain the lead.

Tilt – Taken from Poker, getting mentally aggravated at the game when things don’t go your way.

Toxic – Being rude and offensive to other people.

TP – Teleport, a summoner spell.

Trade – Trading is when you are dealing damage and taking damage at the same time. If you end up doing more damage, it is considered a good trade. If you do less, it is considered a bad trade.

Tri – A bush with three separate entrances, also called Tri Brush, or Tri Bush.

Trist – Tristana

Troll – Internet slang for a person who is deliberately offensive and or obnoxious.

Trynd/Trynda – Tryndamere

TT – Twisted Treeline

Turtle – Hiding in a safe place. For example, hiding under your turret is considered turtling, since usually you will be a lot less likely to die there.

TY – Thank you.


U2 – You too.

Ult – Ultimate ability, on the R key by default.


Vik – Viktor

Vlad – Vladimir

Voli – Volibear


Wave – A cluster of 6 or 7 minions that spawn passively throughout the game in the lanes.

Waveclear – Clearing the minion wave; if a champion is good at clearing minions, it means they can kill the entire wave very quickly and safely.

WP – Well Played.

Wombo Combo – Combining several abilities that synergise to catch multiple enemies. For example, Orianna’s ultimate combined with Malphite’s ultimate combined with Yasuo’s ultimate.

Worth/Wurf – Another way to say “that was worth it”

WW – Warwick


Xin – Xin Zhao

XP – Experience, used for levels.


YW – You’re welcome.


Zil – Zilean

Zone – Force people to stay out/go into certain areas.

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