8.8 Patch Notes Rundown

A link to the Official 8.8 Patch Notes can be found here! What I would like to see: Irelia Nerfs. – Irelia is still overtuned since her last rework, she scales incredibly well, and can crush games off an advantage, some changes or nerfs somewhere would be nice. Kai’Sa Nerfs. – Kai’Sa has been problematic […]

8.1 Patch Notes Rundown

The start of Season 8 is here! On the 16th, Season 8 will start. With the preseason ending in a Meta involving Fleet Footwork ADCs with Overheal building Relic Shield allowing Vayne to become a good all-around ADC, the end of the preseason seemed to be more worrying than the start of the preseason. However, hopefully, this patch […]

7.24 Patch Notes Rundown

We are now a month into the preseason! Things have been shaky this preseason, but hopefully Patch 7.24 can stabilize the last few issues that have arisen thus far. So far this preseason has caused the average games to be quicker and introduced a meta that favors poke oriented champions in all lanes including support, where […]