8.10 Patch Notes Rundown

A link to the Official 8.10 Patch Notes can be found here!

We will be ignoring most bug fixes in this rundown, as they were not intended to be part of the game in the first place. Furthermore, some other irrelevant details might be skipped.

TL;DR Changes This Patch:

Buffs: Poppy, Zac, Bard, Kindred

Nerfs: Sion, Dr. Mundo

Champion Changes:

This is the nerf Sion should’ve received a few patches ago when his Q was changed. While the base regen nerf doesn’t do all too much, the changes to his E address the issue that was making Sion so strong, since it’ll have less damage and less waveclear because of that. Good nerf.

Dr. Mundo has been a bit too strong after the buffs he received last patch, so this is a nice nerf that probably won’t hurt him too much.

This is a tiny buff that will help Poppy a little bit, but certainly not enough to make her good.

These buffs are backed up by a concept that seems strange to me, and these changes will probably not make AP Zac good. Maybe AP Zac will be good as a gimmick, but I doubt it. Zac is fine as a tank, I don’t see why AP Zac needs to be good as well.

This is a super nice buff that will help Bard a lot, especially in poke match-ups.

This is an excellent change, really really nice.

Item Changes:

This change will obviously be a buff to Champions who like having the mana and cooldown, and a nerf to champions who performed better with the movement speed, which could possibly cause a shift in what Champions want to use this item, and what AP Junglers are good. Interesting change.

This change rewards clever wards, and it also rewards clearing wards. However, it counters invades really hard since you can ward early and the wards will be up for a lot longer, plus it counters forced wards, which also plays into it countering invades since forcing an early ward won’t mean that you are guaranteed to be able to invade knowing that the enemy has no vision, since the ward will still be up. It does make vision control more important, which I really like.

Runes Changes:

Nice buffs for Cheap Shot, and Ingenious hunter will be better early on since it has better initial values.

This is a big buff especially early on, which might cause more champions to take phase rush. Super nice for Aurelion Sol and Swain.

Small buff to demolish, but I doubt people will take it. Good nerfs to chrysalis and bone plating, both of which have been an issue for a while since they are too good at preventing deaths and counter early game Champions really hard. The two will probably still be good, but not too good like they were before.

Perfect Timing didn’t really see much use anymore, but will probably be used again with this change. Honestly it should’ve probably been nerfed to 8 minutes to begin with, instead of 10.

Other Changes:

This will hurt early game Junglers, which were too strong since they would be a lot stronger than laners during the early levels, which was quite problematic, it will be interesting to see how this affects the game.

While I like the ideas behind these changes, there are some serious issues with the way this was done. This not only encourages early game junglers, it encourages early game laners too, and will therefor impact every role in the game, since laners will be encourages to help kill the rift scuttlers early on. This means it will help Champions who can shove well, and it gives so much XP that it will probably give too much of a lead. I like the fact that after the two initial scuttlers are killed, only one will be up at a time, and I like the fact that rift scuttler has been made slightly more important, but I believe that the way it currently is will have too much impact on the early game which might be unhealthy for the game.

Hunter’s Talisman was too weak, so these buffs are nice. They are really useful for Champions with AoE, and Tank Champions. Nice buffs.

Attack speed is quite an important stat for junglers since it affects clear speeds, especially for tank junglers, who will definitely transition to Hunter’s Talisman if they weren’t using it already before these changes.

I have mixed opinions on this. I think bounty gold was too high, and I like the idea of rewarding individual play, but this encourages selfish play and harms team-play, plus it doesn’t necessarily reward skilled individual players, it just rewards whoever gets the last hit for the kill.


Pulsefire Twisted Fate

Pulsefire Shen

Pulsefire Riven