7.24 Patch Notes Rundown

We are now a month into the preseason!

Things have been shaky this preseason, but hopefully Patch 7.24 can stabilize the last few issues that have arisen thus far. So far this preseason has caused the average games to be quicker and introduced a meta that favors poke oriented champions in all lanes including support, where even Xerath has been making an appearance, while the toplane has favoured tanks that are able to pump out incredible amounts of damage, leading to tank killers and counter picks to tanks showing up in the meta as well.

A link to the Official 7.24 Patch Notes can be found here!

What I would like to see:

  • Zoe nerfs. Champion releases always come with balance issues, but some more so than others.
  • Bramble Vest nerfs. This item is far to impactful for its price and provides an easy counter to a few too many champions. A possible reduction on the grievous wounds it gives would be nice.
  • Rune nerfs. Kleptomancy, Aftershock, and Sudden Impact are the main culprits.
  • Maokai and Ornn nerfs. These two do a tad too much damage even when they build full tank.
  • Meteor Buffs. Meteor currently does similar damage to scorch during the early levels, it scales of course, but it’s kind of silly that a dodgeable keystone does less damage than scorch.

We will be ignoring bug fixes in this rundown, as they were not intended to be part of the game in the first place. Furthermore, some other irrelevant details might be skipped.

Champion Changes:

Aurelion Sol has been a relatively strong champion but hasn’t been seeing much play due to his difficulty. This is just a small buff that will obviously make him slightly stronger, which should be fine.

Bard has been struggling in the poke meta that has taken over the botlane, but a bit more sustain and damage of his own should hopefully help him find his place a bit more. A justified buff.

Considering Camille wasn’t getting much play, a buff was in order. Considering she has a strong kit it’s always scary to see buffs, but I still don’t think she will stand out too much after these changes.

On their own, these numbers look quite small, but together they might become overwhelming. Granted, Darius was in need of a buff but hopefully, this doesn’t give him too much to work with. Darius was one of the champions countered by Bramble Vest, I would’ve liked to see Riot nerf that item first before handing out too many buffs.

Evelynn has slipped into the meta recently, and while she is still reliant on her incredibly difficult start, she can dominate games if ahead. I can’t see these slight buffs doing too much harm though.

Ezreal is by far the best ADC at the moment, and while it is nice to see him get nerfed, I don’t think this will change that.

Galio has been in need of a buff ever since the preseason but considering how dominant he was before the preseason it would be nice to not see him return to that state again. The main change is to his W, which was one of the better abilities to max either way, so I’m not sure I agree that Riot is tying “his strength to slightly riskier actions” his E is risky, his W is the opposite. These are some big changes too, it might even be too much of a buff.

Ivern has been struggling, he is super easy to invade because how low he gets during his clears, this should fix that. Nice change.

This champion has been one of the strongest recently, and while he needed a nerf I don’t think this will change that.

Karthus is not the best champion when it comes to a poke meta, and doesn’t see much play either way. I’m ok with these buffs, but it should be noted that his ult hits 5 targets on the map, and increasing ratios on it is a dangerous thing to do. Should be fine though.

Leona together with Alistar are the champions that have been getting the most out of the Aftershock keystone. Sure, Leona, in particular, has been strong, but so has Alistar. It is strange to see Leona nerfs while Alistar remains untouched. I would have rather they nerfed Aftershock, considering how Leona hasn’t been part of the meta for a long time now.

One of the best if not the best midlaner at the moment, he is a bit too impactful considering how easy he is to play, so I think a nerf was justified. However, this nerf only starts taking effect later on in the game when Malzahar will have lots of other sources to do damage, and his ult damage doesn’t really matter too much, since his damage comes from his other abilities and his ult will still be good at catching people out and locking them down long enough for Malzahar’s team to kill them so it might not change all too much.

Maokai does far too much damage for a tank, and probably still does after these minor nerfs.

The mana regen buff is quite big early, but it obviously scales a lot worse. I have mixed feelings about the new passive since it no longer procs of caster or melee minions, which might mean she gets less healing out of it overall. It honestly doesn’t look too good to me, but we will have to see. There is also some cause to play her in the jungle now since it procs of large monsters which might help her clear, but I can’t see a world where Morgana jungle is more impactful than any of the current meta junglers, so I would stay clear of Morgana jungle for the time being…

This champion is far too dominant. These are some good nerfs, but it is possible that his ult cooldown needs to be looked at since his ult can turn fights and has a super low cooldown.

Riven has not been seeing much play, and these buffs are so small that I doubt that will change.

Shen is also a tank that does a bit too much damage. Not quite as much as Ornn and Maokai but it’s nice to see this nerf.

Sona was in need of a nerf, but these nerfs are huge. With respect to other top tier champions like Ezreal’s nerfs, this seems like it is a bit much. Mana cost nerfs are always quite damaging to how viable a champion is, these changed might gut the champion.

Taric is played surprisingly little considering he has been quite successful as a champion recently, this nerf might not have been needed but it is tiny and probably won’t change much.

Xin Zhao is far too good at too many things. He excels at dueling and skirmishing, but he also has a massive amount of teamfight presence. He needed some nerfs but these might not have been enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if he received more nerfs next patch.

Yorick has been a super dominant split pusher, and while he is quite dependant on his base attack damage because of the items he builds like sterak’s and trinity force, removing 3 damage will not do much.

Zoe hasn’t had the best-looking winrate, but people that are good on her have been far too strong. Her kit revolves around playing as a ranged assassin, where you can essentially one-shot people from range which can be pretty unfun if you are the one getting one-shot. On the other hand, considering she only has two damaging abilities and her E acts as a setup for her Q, it would be very drastic to nerf her Q damage. Overall I don’t think her design in healthy for the game since she is a low-risk high damage assassin who is overstatted with true damage, low cooldowns and cooldown reduction, and AoE abilities considering both her E and Q can hit in an AoE, and on top of that she gets far too many summoner spells and isn’t punished for rushing to use them at all. I am glad she got nerfed, but it is difficult to say how much it will do. I strongly believed there are a huge collection of issues with her kit that need to be looked at, at a later stage.

Looks like the same mana regen buffs as Morgana, which will help out early. I feel like Zyra was in a good position so I am not sure why these changed are being made, and I am very unsure about some of the changes. This might even be a nerf to a champion that wasn’t that strong, to begin with. Her W changes are weird but will be better in a teamfight scenario, however, she won’t be able to give the strong leash she used to give and will be worse at ambushing people from bushes early on.

Item Changes:

This is a big nerf until lots of armour is stacked, at which point thornmail would likely be finished making the extra damage from bonus armour redundant. This is a nice change that is in line with the tank nerfs, as it will no longer be a good strategy to rush this item early in as many matchups. The grievous wounds persist at the same strength as before however, so it will probably still be bought in certain matchups.

Sunfire hasn’t been an item that got built too much, and I do not think it was the reason why tanks were so strong and did so much damage. The bonus damage to minions change has been added and reversed before, and the last time it was 50% the item wasn’t in a good spot at all. Sunfire serves as an item that provides waveclear to tanks that might not have good waveclear in their kits, this change damages that side of the item massively. Riot mentions Sunfire leading to overly high base damage with little cost in overall durability being an issue, yet they add to it by increasing the aura damage to champions and only decrease it with regard to minions. I am glad they mention wanting to revisit Sunfire Cape in the future as this change seems counterproductive and illogical to me, the changes to this item and Bramble Vest together will no doubt have a big impact on the toplane meta.

Runes Changes:

Press the attack got a slight nerf since the added damage will now proc one auto attack later. Lethal Tempo is pretty weak and only really being used on one or two champions, and I don’t think this change is big enough to make that any different. Fleet footwork will now be better on poke champions, especially on Jhin.

Overheal is terrible. While this change is nice, it probably won’t make overheal better than Triumph. Triumph needed a nerf since Triumph together with Coup the Grace have been the go-to runes in the precision tree. Presence of Mind is mainly good in a certain niche, but it is very good in that niche so I do not see why it is being buffed, everything here looks fine though.

As I said when talking about Triumph, this needed a nerf. Though this nerf is tiny, it might just be enough.

The only reason why Eyeball Collection is viable is that the other alternatives do not give any damage. The rune itself doesn’t have much of an impact, and now it will have even less of an impact. Strange. The change to the Hunter runes now says who you have and haven’t killed, which is a nice bit of quality of life.

Phase Rush isn’t very good, and I do not see this change making it any better. With that in mind, I think this change is terrible since ranged champions can kite, whereas melee champions get kited. This rune should offer a way for melee champions to not get kited as hard, it shouldn’t make ranged champions kite even harder. While this mastery will need better numbers to be good, it has the potential of becoming like stormraiders, which was far too abusable on some ranged champions. This might cause issues if they ever buff those numbers. This change seems very confusing to me.

Celerity gave too much movement speed. Considering how much movement speed runes, especially quints used to give. Celerity will still be super good even after this nerf, but fair change overall.

This change is tiny, but might be ok for champions that are weak in lane who opt to go resolve as a secondary tree. I can’t see it having too much impact though, which is fine. The vitality changes are minor, but revitalize now boosts stuff on the user as well as on others, which I and most people probably thought it did to begin with, so nice change.

Of all the ways to nerf kleptomancy, this is a really good way to go about it in my opinion. Good nerf.

Healthbar Update:

With Patch 7.24, a visual health bar update will be added which will hopefully add a lot more visual clarity displaying all the effects that might be on a champion. I usually hate changes like these because they will take some getting used to and it makes everything look different, but considering how many new visual things it shows including important stuff like armour and mr shred, I am pretty happy with the new healthbars. Plus visual clarity is always good, both when it comes to playing and viewing gameplay, so I’ll get over it I guess…

Final Word:

I am pretty pleased with the changes introduced in this patch, but there have been some pretty strange changes, namely to Zyra, Sunfire Cape, and the Eyeballs rune. I hope that these changes will be followed up on in later patches.

New Skins:

Hextech Kog’Maw

Snow Fawn Poppy

Earnest Elf Jinx

Santa Draven