7.22 Patch Notes Rundown

As season 7 comes to an end, preseason arrives!

After a season with some rather questionable patches that ended with one of the better metas of the season (if you ignore Galio), it is time for preseason to kick in. With massive changes to runes and the complete removal of masteries, patch 7.22 is sure to shake things up.

A link to the Official 7.22 Patch Notes can be found here!

What I would like to see:

  • Balanced runes with rhyme and reason to them. 
  • Base Stat Changes to account for the stats lost by the old runes and mastery, considering from what I’ve seen the new runes don’t make up for the flat stats given by the old ones.
  • I don’t think it would be right to call for champion changes, considering a fundamental part of the game is changing, which is sure to turn the meta into a rollercoaster for the duration of the preseason.

Stability is a dangerous word to use when it comes to preseason updates, but hopefully the changes don’t break too many aspects of the game for long.


We will be ignoring bug fixes in this rundown, as they were not intended to be part of the game in the first place. Furthermore, some other irrelevant details might be skipped.

Runes Reforged:

Wow. Five different trees with the ability to pick to pick some runes from a secondary rune tree. In a way, it is similar to the 18 points in the main tree and 12 points in a secondary tree which used to be the way to go before, but at a first glance this opens up so many more different ways to go about your runes, and I can’t say I’m opposed to it. It looks new, sleek, and organized, but above all, it looks far too complicated to be covered here, so I will make separate posts going into depth of all five trees.

After playing around with the runes for a bit, I think it is fair to say that they seem rather well done and balanced to a good degree, and I am looking forward to seeing what unique perspectives people will come up with, with regard to mixing and matching pages. That said, I do strongly believe that even though there are many options available, a meta consisting of optimal pages that will be widely used by everyone will start appearing again, so in order to play at an optimal level it is probably best to stay on top of what is considered good and bad in a few weeks.

Honestly, the only downside to the new runes that I can think of is the fact that there is no way to hide or get rid of the five default pages. Five pages I will never use that will always be there. Yuck.

Champion Changes:

Quick Note:

Lots of tiny changes happened to every champion, but these changes are mainly base stat changes to make up for the stats lost from the old Runes and Masteries system. These changes affect everyone and are therefore not hugely relevant, so I will only be going over any major changes I spot.

Evelynn has struggled since her rework so she has been in need of a buff. This seems to be a rather good buff, not just for the fact that the cooldown is down by 3.5 seconds but also because Demon Shade will no longer go on cooldown when Evelynn takes damage from jungle buffs. However, I don’t believe this will make her that strong and she might need a few more changes, but I could be wrong.

While the change to Urgot’s Q is only a minor one, it’s a much-needed nerf that will hopefully make his Q slightly easier to doge than before.

This buff is a big deal. While Yorick might not have the kit that will define the meta, the fact that has Q now affects turrets means that Yorick has even more pressure when split pushing, and becomes incredibly effective at taking down turrets. This should cause the champion to be played more and will probably increase his win rate by a significant amount. Yorick might be a champion to look out for this patch.

Item Changes:

The Spellthief’s Line got some minor changes that increase some of the numbers on it.

The execute passive on Targon’s now grants a bit of extra health, which will help tank supports sustain in lane a bit more, but it also means that it might still be strong to start Relic Shield on AD Carries.

Ancient Coin didn’t get any unique changes, but all starting support items now have the Bandit Mastery passive effect for that bit of extra gold, to make up for supports that would usually go that mastery not having the mastery anymore.

This change looks insane to me. Both decreasing the cost and completely removing the cooldown between camps means this item essentially acts as a 1100 gold item for only 500 gold. It looks super good, but a part of me still thinks it might not become a must buy item for champions that like Serrated Dirk, because of the invasion aspect. All in all, it is fairly obvious that Riot is trying to push this item away from being an item that might as well not have been in the game last season.

I assume this is to make up the attack speed runes that most Junglers would run, although a lot of tank junglers got 15% base attack speed already from minor stat changes. One champion who didn’t get any base attack speed is Sejuani, and since Sejuani tended to lean more towards Hunter’s Talisman she might lose her spot as the top tank jungler in the current meta.

Some nice changes to make up for the removal of jungle masteries. It seems to me like both Jungle items are slightly stronger than before, which should improve first clear and clear speed for most junglers.

Basically a free mini Zhonya’s with only one use. Might be quite useful as it will add a lot of early counterplay potential against assassins. Getting this before level 6 against a Zed, for example, might just make his level 6 power spike redundant. Furthermore, this item can be gotten for free from a rune, which pretty much means the rune is giving 600 gold out of nowhere, which could be quite strong. Stopwatch now builds into Zhonya’s, Guardian Angel, and Gargoyles Stoneplate now, so expect more temporary golden statues in your games!

Most Lethality and Flat Magic Penetration items have received a slight stat buff to the penetration. This is to make up for the stats lost due to runes and masteries, and shouldn’t change much, apart from Void Staff which got another 5% Magic Penetration so it now does 40%, which makes the item an incredible buy against MR, and pretty much makes it a must buy for AP Damage Dealers, possibly allowing you to do even more damage than a Rabadons Deathcap purchase would.

First off the ability to get level 2 from wolves is great, since it opens up even more unique jungle paths. Secondly, I welcome any changes to comeback XP, since comeback XP is essential to keep the game enjoyable for everyone, and the rubberbanding it leads to is a healthy part of the game in my opinion. The fact that every camp now gives 4 CS seems strange to me, killing blue and gromp and seeing myself have 8 CS will be something that takes some serious getting used to. Other XP changes not included in the Jungle changes is the removal of Takedown XP, which in my opinion should only be removed from the team that is ahead but kept on a team that is behind to allow for more rubberbanding.

Other Changes:

Finally, a few other changes were made including:

  • Extra damage to minions, presumably to make up for the removal of masteries.
  • Earlier game start time, which to my knowledge does not affect minion and jungle mob spawn times, but I am not sure. As far as I’m aware the only things affected are Skarner Crystals, Bard’s Chimes and Smite cooldown.
  • An extra 15 seconds of Champion Select to allow time for picking the new runes.
  • Uncapped leveling, to allow people to level beyond level 30, which removed the ability to gain Blue Essence at the end of the game, and instead add it as a level up reward amongst other things such as skin and champion shards. To my knowledge level 30 is still required in order to play ranked.

New Skins:

Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank

Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank

Victorious Graves (For players who reached Gold 5+)

Mecha Rengar