7.10 Patch Notes Rundown

Welcome to the first Why Flash For Greed Patch Notes Rundown!

Patch 7.9 has probably been one of the shakiest patches in the history of League of Legends, with an emergency nerf to Sejuani, and more on the way. 7.10 plans to fix these issues, as well as introducing some major changes to Heimerdinger and Rammus. Large changes will get a verdict at the end where I state my mind about where I think the direction of the champion is going. We have a lot to go over, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

A link to the Official 7.10 Patch Notes can be found here.

What I would like to see:

First of all, I would like to start these Patch Notes Rundowns with a little segment discussing some of the current issues with the game, and what changes I would personally like to see done in order to fix these problems. Here it goes:

  • Sejuani nerfs. Even though she was nerfed in during 7.9, she is still extremely oppressive. Her insane early game defensive stats make it almost impossible to invade her and she is far stronger than all the other junglers throughout the game too.
  • Fizz nerfs. Fizz is not only one of the best midlane picks when played full ap, he is also arguably the best toplane pick at this point when played in a bruiser style with W max.
  • Lee Sin nerfs. Lee Sin has been one of the strongest junglers for a very elongated period of time now. He might not have been the number one pick every patch, but he’s been top 10 since the start of the season.
  • Ivern nerfs. Putting it shortly, a jungler this simple shouldn’t be this strong. The game needs easy champions, but they shouldn’t dominate in the same way Ivern does.
  • Lulu nerfs. This champion is known for preventing several other champions from being viable when she is in the meta, not banning this champion can lead to a very frustrating game. Personally I believe her polymorph is a large part of the problem, and I hope its duration will be nerfed, since for a point and click it lasts far too long.

With champions like these running rampant, it’s hard to even start considering buffing the weaker champions first. The mid-season update shook things up a lot, but hopefully 7.10 will give us some stability.

We will be ignoring bug fixes in this rundown, as they were not intended to be part of the game in the first place. Furthermore some other irrelevant details might be skipped.

Champion Changes:


Heimerdinger’s Health Regen has been taken down by a chunk. This will make his early laning a bit weaker, since he has lost a lot of sustain. However, in turn he has received a movement speed buff when he is around his turrets, which is presumably all the time while he is in lane, which will help him run in and out to poke more, and dodge abilities better. Overall this is still a slight nerf, but let’s see how the rest of his kit affects his laning.

The first thing I notices is that his turret damage is very low now, especially early on. It is also important to note that his turrets no longer prioritize nearby enemy champions or champions that attack them, making them a lot weaker. However, in turn he gains 3 turrets at each rank, so he can use them more often, and this might mean that you no longer put points into Q until you have 3 turrets and then max W, and instead go on to max W from the start after putting 1 point in Q. His charges also go up extremely slowly, 90 seconds is ridiculous, but instead they charge when his E and W are hit. The fact that they are fully charged when his E is hit, will mean that the stunned target will be hit by fully charged turrets instantly!

These changes are a lot smaller, but the W changes pretty much mean that you start off by maxing W straight away for sure, but his E is still maxed last. With the mana cost and cooldown changes it seems that Heimerdinger will have a lot more poke, possibly even changing his playstyle from his unique turret hugging playstyle, into a more poke oriented playstyle. His E can now be cast on himself, which couldn’t be done before and was a bit of an issue as the Heimerdinger player. I’m glad of this change. The ult change is nice, but not really a big deal.

The Verdict:

It seems to me like Heimerdinger’s playstyle has changed completely, from a playstyle where he hides within his turrets and permanently pushes the wave in, into a playstyle where he is based more around poking and proccing thunderlords with his other abilities, and far less focused around his now weaker turrets. While I like this change, it does also make him slightly harder to play. He does also seem a lot stronger though, and if he is more poke oriented like I’ve assumed, maybe there will be a place for him in the Meta at some point. I believe the general strategy to playing Heimerdinger is maxing W, then Q, then E, and abusing the W in lane to proc thunderlords as much as possible. I really like these changes, they are buffs but it doesn’t look like it will make him a broken champion. Good stuff Riot!


At first glance, this is a straight up nerf to his lategame thornmail effect, however it should do more damage early, improving Rammus’ early clear.

Now that Rammus’ Q is channelled, it should mean that he can be silenced out of it, and I presume that it means that he can’t use items while he is in his Q either, so possibly no righteous glory in the middle of the Q, but I am not certain of this. The lategame cooldown is low, but don’t assume that because the cooldown is 6 seconds and the duration is 6 seconds that it will have a 100% uptime, since the ability is channelled and the cooldown will start after it has ended. The movement speed increase at level 18 is insane, and the slow should be slightly better now, since it’s a lot more, and while it lasts for a second less, it should still give the team with the Rammus enough time to blow up the slowed target.

Rammus now has a lot less flat resistance on his W, however, now that he has % resistances, he should be a lot better against either full AP or full AD team comps. Once he has 300 armour for example, he will now get 210 bonus armour, as opposed to 120 in the lategame. The fact that his W also increases his passive damage means that it actually ends up being stronger in the lategame too. However, Rammus will have less resistances against a mixed AD and AP team comp because of the change from flat to percentage, since he won’t be able to stack his resistance up as high.

His E no longer removes armour, making him slightly worse with AD champions, however this isn’t a huge deal.

Double damage against structures is a big deal, since it means his ganks are more likely to result in a turret being taken, and it might also help him as a toplaner. The stacking slow on his ult surprises me, since even though it’s only 8% to 12%, at the start, it stacks and maxes at a huge amount, which for a 1.5 second slow is a lot. Take into mind that if his first slow hits, it will be harder to get away from it, thus making it more likely to get slowed more, and more, and more. Especially since the target can be taunted to guarantee that at least a few slow stacks hit.

The Verdict:

Rammus is still the pick into full AD team comps, even more so with his W changes. He is also a lot stronger into full AP comps, but slightly weaker against a balance team comp, forcing him into a niche a bit more. Riot stated their intent was to make Rammus a bit more difficult, and while I’m not sure these changes achieve that, I still really like the changes, and I’m perfectly fine with some champions being easier than others. Not every champion needs to be hard to play, versatility is always a good thing, and there will always be a part of the player base that seek to challenge themselves and play complex champions. I do believe these are some good changes though, but maybe slightly on the strong side. We will see.


Fizz has been far too oppressive as a toplane bruiser, completely shifting certain champions out of viability. The flat damage amount nerfs will mean that bruiser isn’t as good, however, if I’m correct, they also nerf midlane fizz a small amount. I’m fairly sure Fizz will still be strong mid, but I believe bruiser Fizz will be a thing of the past, at least for now.


Graves has been an extremely strong champion for a very long time, and the previous nerfs to his resistances barely effected him, which I thought would be fairly obvious. Some serious damage nerfs on his Q, and a cooldown nerf on his R might make him slightly worse, but I do not believe these nerfs will make Graves a weak champion. Graves’ strength lies in the knock back on his auto attacks, which mean that he doesn’t get damaged while clearing his jungle. I’m glad he’s getting nerfs, but I don’t think this will knock him out of contention.


Ivern nerfs, hooray! This nerf should decrease the amount of camps he can take early on, but once Ivern gets some items, he will barely notice it. However, it is a step in the right direction I think.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin’s kick is probably the strongest part of his kit, and it is usually what he plays around when it is up, so it’s good that it isn’t up as often.


Lulu nerfs are always welcome, but I’m not sure how badly this will affect her. I’m sad to see that the time spent polymorphed still isn’t nerfed…


This change is important, given the recent changes to Cho’Gath W and Cassiopeia Ult. This should make it possible to E Flash for example, as well as R Flash which should help Kassadin.


Maokai is getting a few changes, mostly to his E, since after being reworked, he suddenly became a very dominant support, as well as a decent jungler. The mana cost of his E might make it essential to build a mana item when maxing it, however, it looks to me like Q max instead of E max is the way to go in the support position, while E max would still be strong in the jungle since the talisman gives mana regen.


Still a relatively new face on the rift, Rakan has made his presence known in the support position, since even though his laning phase is relatively weak, he is incredibly strong out of the laning phase. These changes will make his laning slightly better, even though his E got a slight nerf, but overall it is still a buff, which surprises me, since I didn’t feel like this champion was in a position where he needed any buffs.


Just some smoother animation cancels, which makes me wonder why they removed Graves’ ult cancel. Sure, it gave him an advantage, but I feel like mechanics like this are a great way to add more depth to a champion, and it rewards champion mastery too. As for Riven, more of a quality of life change than anything.


Sejuani nerfs! Great. 80 less armour and MR at level 1 is huge, and it will make her early level skirmishing a lot worse. Considering she has a relatively weak first clear, invading this champion is now viable, and strongly recommended, since at level 14 she will be back at the same strength as before. A slight nerf to her W too, since the cooldown starts a bit later. I personally feel like this will be enough to put Sejuani in a balanced state, but we will have to see.


I’m always happy to welcome small changes like these on slightly weaker champions, since it suggests that Riot plans to slowly buff this champion bit as opposed to giving him huge buffs and risking Udyr to become far too dominant.


Some quality of life changes if anything, but still somewhat relevant. All of these act like very small buffs, however Yorick is currently very weak, and I don’t believe this fixes that.


After his rework, Zac had very low damage. This Q buff is pretty big, and on top of that, his E buff is extremely relevant since the 1 second knock up will help him a huge amount. It is still not the same as his old E, since it has to be charged fully, but I believe this will make Zac quite strong now.

Item Changes

A lot of small changes which were quite necessary, since this item was given the weakest quest out of all 3 support items and needed a slight buff.

This is a very welcome quality of life change and or buff, since it makes getting those lategame executes just that little bit easier. Awesome.

This is a minuscule change, but I like it. Considering Spellthief’s had the strongest quest out of the 3 support items, I’m glad it didn’t get any big changes.

This item turned out to be pretty strong after the changes in the mid-season update, and this nerf seems fine.

Rift Herald

In 7.9 Rift Herald could be solo’d by pretty much every champion, I was hoping it would get a slight damage buff but these are some nice quality of life changes.

Gamemode Changes


I am so happy with this change, against some team comps getting certain melee champions was pretty much a death sentence. However, maybe it shouldn’t have been applies to all champions, since tanks like Amumu, Alistar, and Maokai were already quite strong on the map.

More gold is always nice, especially since everyone in the game receives it. This should make ARAM games shorter too, if only a little.

I feel like this change was essential, since super minions got way too strong when they were buffed in the past. Minion damage growth will help keep the games short and spicy too.

Some very welcome ARAM item buffs, for Rod of Ages in particular, that item was a nightmare to stack up on ARAM, and it was a pretty weak first buy since you’d have to start with Crystal of Aeons for sustain leaving you with no gold to buy damage items, or a blasting wand and a mana crystal, which often meant you ran out of mana very quickly provided you didn’t die.

Twisted Treeline

I didn’t play much twisted treeline apart from some bot games, but it’s good to see that the super minions match the ARAM super minions, since they were likely too strong on this map too.



Mute Pings

Also yes. At least, for those who disliked the constant missing pings that we’re all used to.

Final Word

That is the end of the 7.10 Patch Notes, and overall I’m extremely pleased with the changes, I think it’s fair to say that most of the damage done by 7.9 is being undone. I’m very happy with the Sejuani changes in particular, and the ARAM changes came as a pleasant surprise. On top of that Ivern, Lulu, and Lee Sin got nerfed, Bruiser Fizz Top should be gone, and the Heimerdinger and Rammus reworks look interesting, and very promising.

On that note, I will leave you with the new skin, Pulsefire Caitlyn. A 1080p version of the splash art can be downloaded here.

(It’s actually 1944 x 1148 instead of 1920 x 1080, since I had to resize it myself and wasn’t able to get it to exactly 1080p without quality loss, sorry! Thankfully it’s slightly bigger, so even better quality!)


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