Welcome to the Why Flash For Greed 1080p HD Splash Arts Gallery

By default, most League of Legends Splash Arts are too small for a HD 1080p monitor, and setting them as your wallpaper will leave you with a grainy, blurry image. I have taken it upon myself to use image enlargement methods to up-scale every splash art in the game, old and new, to at least 1920×1080 in a way that avoids introducing distortion (also known as ‘artifacts’) and quality loss, unless a version larger than 1920×1080 was already available, which is only the case with some base Champion splash arts.

Simply select or search for your desired champion, and you will find a Gallery displaying all their resized splash arts, where you can download and share the ones you like.

This page is currently being worked on, as you will find, not all of the links currently work since I am still adding galleries.
For the time being, if you want any custom 1080p splash arts, feel free to contact me, and I will try to respond within 24 hours.