Contact Me

Hey There,

As you’ve probably noticed, parts of the website are currently still under construction, or being updated. Since I do everything by hand, it might be a while before the Champion and Gallery pages are fully operational.

For the time being, if you’d like build advice, champion information, anything business related, feel free to contact me by filling in the form below.

I’ll be in contact as soon as possible. If you’d like to contact my through any other means, check out the social media links in the sidebar.

Note from Idle:

While Why Flash For Greed is currently a one man project, I intend to respond to every message I receive. For the time being, this shouldn’t be too difficult, as my site is still rather small so I’m not expecting too many messages. This means that I should be able to respond in 24 hours, so feel free to ask away.

After all, Why Flash For Greed is something I set up in order to help people improve, and while it can never be as intricate as personalised League of Legends coaching sessions, I am perfectly happy to answer personalised questions about anything League related. In all situations, I will do my best to answer, and I will even do some research into it if I am not sure, provided I have time.